Coming from a broken family and feeling socially awkward and ill equipped growing up, can either break a kid or build him into something special. I guess i’m both depending on who you talk to. Music touches my soul in a way that maybe only true love could. I found my voice when i was really young, lost it for a while, then it found me again when i was at my lowest. Timing is everything. My vocal influences over the years include Freddie Mercury, Bono, Chris Cornell, Thom Yorke, Chris Martin and Matt Bellamy, but i listen to everything from Opera and Classical, to Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Industrial and EDM. Love the sun, the moon and almost everything artistic, and I am both angry at, and jealous of, the happy-go-lucky.

I was born in Bulgaria, in 1996, and grew up watching the sunrise over the Black Sea. Started playing bass when I was 12 years old and ever since, music has been everything I see myself doing in life, because music has always been there for me when no one else was. I like sleepless nights and my dream is to travel all over the world.





Coming from a family of successful doctors, telling them that you want to spend your life studying music can be quite difficult. I studied jazz guitar at Cégep de Saint-Laurent (technique in jazz/pop) am I’m now pursuing my studies at Concordia University. My musical interests are greatly varied, from jazz to metal, from rock to hip-hop… well, basically whatever I feel like listening at the moment. When I’m not playing music, I’m either training or brewing a batch of beer… or drinking one. Yup, probably drinking one.

Mac La Fureur originally started playing electric guitar when he discovered the heavy metal of Iron Maiden, and realized this was the best way to express his feelings. Born in Lyon, France, Mac La Fureur moved to Montreal for a new life experience, but before FoK and MTL, his 1st serious project in France was called « Reddish ». This band introduced Mac La Fureur to different kinds of music (Alternative rock, Trip Hop, Folk, Drum n Bass), and over the past 7 years, bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Incubus, and Tool have inspired him to further experiment with his style and sound.

Mac La Fureur




I started playing drums when I was 8. The first band that really made me go deep into music was Dream Theater. Eventually, I went to Cégep Saint-Laurent in music, where I studied composition and right now I’m finishing my pop/jazz interpretation technique. I like Jazz, Metal, Rock, Classical and world music. Outside of music, I really enjoy watching animes, movies and playing video games. I’m interested in psychology, art, philosophy and astronomy.