About FoK

Welcome to The FALL of KNOWLEDGE!!

FoK is the brainchild of lead singer/songwriter and front-man Micah Zumar, who moved to Montreal in 2013 seeking a dedicated group of musicians to work with.

With stylistic influences ranging from classical, jazz, funk, rock, prog, pop and metal, Scene Magazine best described FoK’s sound as “Thoughtful Rebellion”. “The greatest compliment we hear from fans, is that there seems to be different reasons why our music makes their blood boil. I love that I can connect with ppl in different ways.” Harnessed by passionate vocals and thought provoking themes, and delivered with the signature emotion that Micah is known for, it’s not hard to see why this band has a bright future.

Silent Majority is the bands debut 5-song EP, and Micah was proud to work with Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace) at his studio in Toronto (Pocket Studios) to record Lemonade and Anonymous. Bassist Dave McMillan (Big Wreck, Treble Charger, Justin Beiber) and drummer Jason Pierce (OLP, Paramore, Dallas Green) lent their amazing talents to these 2 songs, and multiple Grammy Award winning mixer/producer Adam Kasper (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana) graciously mixed from his world class studio in Seattle.

As emotionally charged as their music is, so is the subject matter that Micah sings about. Anonymous is a call to action for everyone to stand up and fight to help yourself and all those around you. Nucleary asks you to feel love for the world instead of hate. Alone, an anthem about depression, is very close to Micah’s heart as he’s fought with this a good part of his life.

Fall of Knowledge is not just a band name; it’s also a philosophy shared by all it’s members. Knowledge is fleeting…something is only fact until it’s replaced by higher understanding. “We believe that positive change will only come about, once the old guard has been removed. The old ways of thinking (hatred, bigotry, intolerance, injustice, inequality) must all FALL!” Keeping with this spirit, FoK often works in conjunction with charities such as AAH (Action Against Hunger) and OxFam, to raise awareness and $$ for suffering people world-wide. (**Stay tuned for updates on future campaigns)

A new EP is on the way, and plans are being made for the band to start touring extensively, to bring their brand of high energy, emotionally charged music to a stage near YOU!!

“To know that you do not know is the best.” – Lao Tsu


“Fall of Knowledge has a nice mix of emotion in their vocals with a progressive rock sound. The band is tight with catchy hooks, and musically is very talented. The most important aspects to keep in mind when writing a song is: 1) Will listeners be able to relate to the song, and 2) Does it have memorable hooks that people can hum too. These hooks can be both vocally, or musically. Fall of Knowledge uses both these techniques with unique vocals backed by a solid beat and rockin guitar.”

Brian West Music Director- Kingston's 96.3 Joe FM

“I liked that the singer has a distinctive voice that makes it easier to identify the song with this band. The vocals were delivered with passion and the dynamic changes were appropriate for the emotion of the lyrics and music. I thought the song-writing was really good, in that the verses and choruses naturally flowed into each other, and there was a nice refrain for the listener to grab onto. Overall, this song is professional and the band is obviously talented. Keep up the great work!”

Leslie J. Bialik RoadRunner Records